Linking families and educators

About Us

We’re a team of educators, researchers, developers, designers, and business development specialists who are passionate about providing solutions for early childhood education, a crucial but often overlooked stage in a child’s life.

Learning Loop is an online platform that allows educators and parents to share information about their child in a simple and meaningful way. Track observations, get insights, celebrate achievements and help education's youngest members thrive.

Meet the Team

Development and Design
Sector/User Insight and Content Development
Business Development and Operations

Fun Fact!

We conceptualized the idea, built the platform in under 54 hours, and won the first Canadian Startup Weekend EDU!


Thank you to the judges, mentors, event organizers, Smartypants, Fieldr (2nd and 3rd place finishers), and all of the other teams for the incredible energy and keeping us on our (sleep-deprived) toes to create a product that exceeded even our own expectations. Birds of a feather, indeed!

Last but certainly not least, our deepest gratitude to the educators and parents, for tirelessly filling out surveys and participating in focus groups - all on a Saturday! You’ve informed our process every step of the way, and rest assured, will continue to do so.

From all of us here, thank you.

meet the rest of the team and watch how the magic unfolded at Startup Weekend Toronto EDU.